The Biggest Question We Get Is…

“How Much Does Disinfecting Cost”

When The Question SHOULD Be…

“How Much Does PROPER Disinfection Cost”

 Just Try To Find An Experienced Company

Finding experienced companies to perform proper disinfection of the interior of homes, businesses, autos, boats, etc. is not so easy as seen in the video above

 Some Think There’s Gold In Disinfecting 

Have you noticed the multitudes of new sanitizing and disinfecting companies popping up lately? I liken it to the gold rush days back in the 1840’s.

 Electricians-Barbers-Restaurants-Your Grandma

Everyone is getting on the band wagon and offering sanitizing and disinfecting services, and I mean everyone. It is CRAZY!!

 I don’t Know Who To Trust

 It is hard to figure out who to trust. Here is a fictional example: Company A is charging pennies to disinfect your property, while company B is charging nickels and then you got company C charging quarters. 

 My advice is to look for a company that specializes in proper cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting, without charging you both arms and both legs to complete the job!

Interview the company before hiring

 You need to feel comfortable with the company you hire to perform this extremely important task. Your family, friends, employees, etc. depend on your judgement.

 If you would like to interview us at Envirotize just give us a call or fill out our online form on our website. 

 We look forward to making YOU look like the hero for caring enough to hire the very best in the cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting services! 

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