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Are you concerned about how healthy your home is when it comes to germs, bacteria, and viruses? Have you purchased a new home and want to remove the old DNA? Do you have a family member who is sick, and you need to disinfect your home?

Don’t worry, ENVIROTIZE has you covered. We are a local company that helps homeowners like you professionally clean, sanitize and disinfect your home.

You Could Have Hundreds Of High & Medium Touchpoints

There are hundreds of touchpoints in your home that collect germs & viruses every day, starting with the entryway of your home to every door knob, bathroom faucet, drawer handles, light switches, toilet and shower handles, kitchen faucets, refrigerator handles, all the way to your front room and office.

This Is No Surprise

You would be surprised at how much bacteria collects on the remote control or even your computer keyboard and mouse. Over time, these touchpoints can become very contaminated if not disinfected properly.

They carry germs, viruses, and bacteria from one person to the next by a simple touch.

Log Sporicidal Kill Level

Here at ENVIROTIZE, we use safe, hospital grade EPA registered products with 99.9999% efficacy (6 log sporicidal kill level) with a short dwell time for rapid kill of germs.

Our professionals will come to your home with proper PPE and professionally sanitize and disinfect your entire home with minimal disruption.

Professional ATP Testing

We use an ATP meter which allows us to test the invisible to provide you with before and after results.

Once we have an ATP baseline, our professionals will use our proprietary ENVIROTIZE Five Step Disinfecting Process to remove germs, viruses, and bacteria from your entire home.

Learn How The Pros Disinfect Touchpoints

After we complete the treatment, we will teach you how you can keep the high and medium touchpoints maintained on a daily basis to insure you are always safe as possible in your home.

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