Find Out How You Can Be The Hero

Are you concerned about how healthy your business is when it comes to germs, bacteria, and viruses?

Are you concerned for the safety of your customers and employees?

Do you want to make sure you meet both state and local sanitation guidelines?


We are a local disinfecting company that helps business owners like you professionally sanitize and disinfect your place of business with our proprietary affordable disinfecting service.

You Probably Have Hundreds Of High & Medium Touchpoints

There are many touchpoints in your business that collect and spread germs every day. Over time germs and bacteria multiply if not cleaned and disinfected properly, from your business’s front door to countertops to bathroom fixtures, light switches and beyond.

There are high, medium, and low touchpoints that are covered with germs that people touch multiple times a day, causing germs and viruses to be carried from one person to the next, spreading bacteria and viruses throughout your property.

Log Safe Sporicidal Kill Level Chemistry

At ENVIROTIZE, we use safe, hospital grade EPA registered products with 99.9999% efficacy (6 log sporicidal Kill) with a short dwell time for rapid kill of germs, bacteria, mold and viruses.

Our professionals will come to your business with proper PPE and professionally sanitize and disinfect your entire business with minimal disruption to you and your employees.

What Is Professional ATP Testing?

ATP meters allow us to provide you a before and after baseline.

Once we have an ATP baseline, we will use our proprietary ENVIROTIZE FIVE STEP DISINFECTION SYSTEM to remove all the germs, viruses, and bacteria from your entire place of business.

We Also Teach You How To Properly Disinfect Touchpoints

After we have completed the treatment, we will sit down with you and explain how you can keep all high and medium touchpoints maintained.

This will ensure your staff, customers, and the local health department that you are taking the necessary steps to protect those that are so vital to your business.

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