When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Your Touchpoints?

Did You Know That There Are
3 Types Of Indoor Touchpoints?

Find Out What They Are
Any Why 2 of The 3 Touchpoints
Should Not Concern You

Learn From The Pros How To Properly Clean & Disinfect All Your Indoor Touchpoints


This explains Step 2 of our Envirotize Five Step Disinfecting Process 

In Step 2 of Envirotize Five Step Disinfecting Process, we will be cleaning touch points throughout your house.  This will remove much of the biofilm, dirt, germs, bacteria, viruses, anything that is on touch points and surfaces prior to step 3, Disinfecting all the hot touchpoints throughout the interior of the property.  Many products do not break through biofilm, resulting in poorly cleaned surfaces.  Envirotize Xtreme-Clean breaks completely through biofilm preparing touch points and surfaces for proper and thorough disinfecting in Step 3 of our Five Step Process.  


There are three types of touch points. We like to refer to these touch points as green, yellow, and red touch points to help you understand the frequency of cleaning needed for each touch point. Green touch points are areas such as walls, tops of cabinets, windows, areas that you do not touch very often. Yellow touch points would be light switches you may use a few times a day, the garbage disposal switch, any surfaces you may touch infrequently. Red touch points are “hot” surfaces, places you touch all the time, faucets, refrigerator door handle, microwave handle, drawer handles, toilet flusher, doorknobs, phone, keyboard, mouse, etc.


When we clean there are three types of towels we may use.  Our favorite is a microfiber towel, which is most absorbent.  Microfiber towels have small fibers which remove more germs and dirt from touch points and surfaces, which is the first step before disinfecting. 

The second option is terry cloth towels. There is a correct way to clean using microfiber or terry cloth towels to prevent the spread of germs and dirt.  

You have probably watched servers cleaning a table in a restaurant then going to another table and continue to clean that table with the same (now dirty) towel. 

Germs and dirt are being spread from one surface to the next which defeats the purpose of cleaning!  

This is the correct way to use a towel when cleaning touch points and surfaces.  First, fold the towel in half, then fold in half again, clean with one side then turn over or refold the towel to a clean area before proceeding to the next touch point, thus preventing the spread of germs and dirt.   

The third type of towel is paper towels. The plus side of using paper towels is that it can be used on a touch point and thrown away, eliminating the need to clean or refold the towel after use on each touch point.  

We spray Envirotize Xtreme-Clean on the towel instead of the touch point or surface will also help prevent drips.  


We are healthy home experts, this is what we do, we have been in this business for years, long before COVID19.  We are experienced and care about you, your family and your home.  We hope you call us, and we are always happy to give you a free bid!  Have a blessed day!

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